Margaret Furkalo Dies from Manitoba Bus Crash


As Canada woke up with the distressing news of a bus accident and the unfortunate deaths of seniors because of it, they were curious about the victims. 

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, Manitoba witnessed one of the deadliest accidents in its history.

The peaceful life of the province was marred with shock and sadness.


A bus carrying senior citizens from mostly Western Manitoba’s city of Dauphin met this unfortunate accident.

They were said to be traveling to the Sand Hills Casino in the town of Carberry, near where the accident occurred.

All seniors were part of the Dauphin Active Living Center. Indeed, this accident has left the community with a lot of sadness and grief.

Margaret Furkalo Cause of Death

Margaret Fulkaro was one of the unfortunate people who died in the bus accident. Read more about her below.
Born on November 26, 1940, Margaret Furkalo is one of the victims of the deadly accident.

Living in the Dauphin Active Living Center, she was on the bus with others from the same place to go and have fun on Carberry.

According to CBC, the statement provided by her family reads, Forever in our hearts.” Her loss has left her family grieving.

According to the information, Margaret is survived by her daughter, Darlene Furkalo Girard, and two grandchildren.

Moreover, additional information on whether she has more children or not is not available to the public. It is a possibility that her other children have kept themselves private.

Her husband has already passed away. However, his obituary is not available to the public and probably was years ago.

Furkalo was a social and friendly person who greatly impacted society.

Therefore, she would surely be greatly missed by her family and the community.

Margaret Furkalo Death Cause Linked To Manitoba Bus Crash
Margaret lost her life unexpectedly in the accident that happened on June 15th in Manitoba.

As we know, the bus she was traveling on met with an accident. Read the details of the accident below.

According to BBC, the bus crashed into a lorry on the Trans-Canada Highway near Carberry, two hours west of Winnipeg.

The bus was carrying about 25 people, along with Margaret.

Fourteen people and Margeret were confirmed dead on Thursday, June 15. While Ten survivors, including six women and four men, were rushed to the hospital after the crash.

On June 21, the Manitoba RCMP confirmed the death of one more woman in the hospital after she sustained critical injuries from the crash.

The bus also had guides for the seniors.

Most of the people on the bus were in their early 60s to late 80s.

The injuries of the crash victims that died made it challenging to identify them individually.

Therefore, the Manitoba RCMP officially confirmed the identities of the dead only on Thursday, June 22.

Margaret’s hometown was best known for Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival before this week.

It is a three-day summer celebration of Ukrainian things that has been happening since 1965. This accident has added a sad chapter to the town’s history.

According to The Toronto Star, The province’s health authority handling the emergency response to the accident said it was “on a massive scale.”

The post-accident procedure included 13 ambulances as well as air transports.

Hospitals were overwhelmed by the sudden surge in patients, as per a source provided by CBC, supt.

Jeff Asmundson of the Manitoba RCMP West District said, “Hearts are broken, families are grieving, and a community is feeling immeasurable loss” at a news conference.

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