Is Ryan Proulx Dead Or Alive? search suspended for missing American free diver


The United States Coast Guard and Royal Bahamas Defense Force have decided to call off the search for Ryan Proulx, an American free diver who went missing near the Bimini Barge Wreck off the coast of Bimini, Bahamas.

Ryan Proulx, 31, was last seen near the Bimini Barge Wreck, located approximately 1.5 miles west of Bimini Inlet.

The Coast Guard conducted an extensive search over an area of 673 square miles. However, after thorough efforts, the search was suspended on Sunday.


Coast Guard Lt. Cmdr. Matt Spado expressed condolences to the Proulx family and stated that the decision to suspend the search was made with careful consideration.

Who is Ryan Proulx ?

Ryan Proulx, a former officer with the East Hartford Police Department, went missing while free diving in the Bahamas. He was an experienced diver and licensed captain who frequently made trips along the East Coast for boat transportation services.

Where is Ryan Proulx now?

The Bimini Barge Wreck is a popular diving spot situated approximately 75 feet below the surface with strong currents. It is an artificial reef created from a sunken barge, attracting large game fish. The surrounding area also features a nearby drop-off where fish tend to gather.

At this time, Ryan Proulx’s family has chosen not to make a public statement regarding his disappearance.

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