Jacob Stevens: Teen dies whiles trying latest TikTok challenge


Each day, the USA determines the block TikTok, the Chinese-built social media app that is taking over the world.

Early, this month, Tiktok CEO, Shou Zi Chew appeared in Senate to answer some questions about possible data leaks.

Again, Tiktok has claimed the life of a 13-year-old boy


Thirteen-year-old Jacob Stevens from Columbus, Ohio died after trying a viral TikTok challenge, in which he took 12 to 14 over-the-counter medications at once.

Stevens suffered a severe reaction and remained on a ventilator for six days before his death.

Stevens’ father, Justin, spoke out about the viral challenge that led to his son’s death.

The teen was at home with friends when he tried the challenge, which caused his body to start seizing.

The pills that Stevens consumed contained Benadryl, and medical staff later told his family that the overdose of Benadryl took Stevens’ life.

Stevens’ family is now trying to request lawmakers to put age restrictions on buying medicines like Benadryl.

They are also seeking similar age restrictions for TikTok, including rules like the requirement to provide an ID for making an account on the platform.

The family hopes to raise awareness of the potential risks of social media challenges.

In addition to seeking age restrictions, Stevens’ father is asking parents to monitor their child’s activity on social media and cell phones.

He urges parents to “keep an eye on what they’re doing on that phone” and to talk to their children about the situation.

Stevens’ death was a tragic situation, and his father hopes to prevent it from happening to another child.

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