Ralph Yarl shot in the head after ringing the wrong doorbell


In sad news reported by the Nypost, a black teen sustained various injuries after he was shot in the head when he rang the wrong doorbell to pick up siblings.

The incident occurred when Yarl rang the wrong doorbell and was met with gunshots from the homeowner.

Yarl was supposed to pick up his siblings at around 10:30 pm on N.E. 115th Terrace but went to N.E. 115th Street instead.


The homeowner, who fired the weapon, was taken into custody and released after 24 hours.

Yarl suffered life-threatening injuries and was immediately taken to the hospital.

The Clay County prosecutor’s office is set to take over the case, and the Kansas City Police Department is actively collecting evidence.

The shooting was listed as a case of mistaken identity, and the police said forensic evidence and a victim statement would be needed to complete the case.

Yarl’s aunt stated that the teenager had intended to go to a home just one block away.

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said the case was getting “the full attention of the Kansas City Police Department.”

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump said that the homeowner should be charged and stated that someone cannot just shoot people without justification, and knocking on someone’s door is not justification.

Overall, the incident was a case of mistaken identity, and the authorities are actively investigating the matter.

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