Barron Alexander Harris, Myers Park High School Student Dead


Myers Park High School has confirmed and announced the passing of their student, Barron Alexnder Haris.

Barron Alexander Harris Cause of death

Unfortunately, the exact cause of his death was not shared with the public.

Barron Alexander Harris was a popular student among his peers and the wider community due to his unwavering commitment to his goals and his unshakable optimism.


He was kind, compassionate, and always concerned about the well-being of those around him.

His friendly nature made him approachable, and people felt like they had known him for a long time.

Barron Alexander Harris was a man of many talents, including contributing both his time and money to charitable organizations.

He had a great sense of humor and was widely regarded as one of the most magnetic and attractively magnetic persons who ever lived. He will be deeply missed by all who knew him.

Barron Alexander Harris was not only kind but also courageous and intelligent.

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