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Steve Hilton is a well-known British political commentator and analyst, who has worked for some of the biggest media organizations in the world, including Fox News. His insights into the world of politics are highly valued by many, and he is considered to be one of the most influential voices in the field. 

Steve Hilton was born in 1969 in the UK, and he grew up in the city of Brighton. His father was a professor of physics, and his mother was a teacher. From an early age, Steve was interested in politics and current affairs, and he would often debate with his family about the issues of the day. He attended school in Brighton and went on to study at Oxford University, where he earned a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.

Career in Politics

After finishing his studies, Steve Hilton began his career in politics as a special advisor to the then-leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron. He played a key role in the party’s election campaign in 2010, which saw them win a majority in the UK Parliament. Following the election, Steve worked as the Director of Strategy for David Cameron, and he was responsible for developing the party’s policies and messaging.


Career in Media

After leaving politics in 2012, Steve Hilton moved into the media world, where he has become a highly respected political commentator and analyst. He has worked for some of the biggest media organizations in the world, including Fox News, where he is a regular contributor. He has also written for a number of publications, including The Guardian and The Independent.

Steve Hilton Family

Steve Hilton is married to Rachel Whetstone, who is a senior executive at Facebook. They have two children together, and they currently reside in the United States. Steve’s siblings are not well-known, and he prefers to keep his private life out of the public eye.

Steve Hilton Height

Steve Hilton is approximately 6 feet tall, which is around 183 cm.

Work with Fox News

Steve Hilton has been a regular contributor to Fox News since 2016, where he provides expert analysis and commentary on politics and current affairs. He is known for his strong opinions and his ability to provide insight into complex issues. He is a popular figure on the network and is highly regarded by both his colleagues and viewers.

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