Shafqat Ali Career, Wife, Children


Shafqat Ali is a Canadian politician who emerged victorious in the 2021 Canadian federal election, earning the privilege to represent the vibrant riding of Brampton Centre in the esteemed House of Commons of Canada. 

With a career background in real estate, Ali has successfully transitioned into the realm of politics, bringing his passion for community development and advocacy to the forefront.

Shafqat Ali’s journey in the political arena began with his election as the Member of Parliament for Brampton Centre.


Through his role, he champions the needs and concerns of his constituents, working tirelessly to address issues and implement positive change. 

Shafqat Ali’s Age

Born in 1965, Shafqat Ali is currently about 56 years old.

Who is Shafqat Ali’s Wife?

Information about Shafqat Ali’s marital status is not publicly available.

Does Shafqat Ali have children?

Details about whether Shafqat Ali has children are not widely known.

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