Françoise Gilot Children: Meet Paloma, Claude Pierre Pablo and Aurelia Simon


Françoise Gilot was a renowned French painter celebrated for her artistic talent and her significant connection with Pablo Picasso, with whom she shared parenthood.

While Gilot had established herself as a skilled artist, particularly in watercolors and ceramics, her professional journey was overshadowed by her status as a social figure.

Following her separation from Picasso, he actively discouraged galleries from acquiring her work and made unsuccessful attempts to impede the publication of her memoir, “Life with Picasso,” released in 1964.


Despite initially pursuing studies in English literature at Cambridge University and the British Institute in Paris (now University of London Institute in Paris), Gilot’s true passion for art led her to prioritize her artistic pursuits over her legal training.

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the Sorbonne in 1938 and a degree in English from Cambridge University in 1939.

In 1943, Gilot held her first exhibition of paintings in Paris, marking a significant milestone in her artistic career.

Regrettably, Françoise Gilot passed away at the age of 101.

Her daughter, Aurelia Engel, confirmed the news, revealing that Gilot had been facing health challenges related to her heart and lungs in recent times.

The esteemed artist breathed her last on Tuesday while receiving medical treatment at a hospital in Manhattan, leaving behind a profound artistic legacy.

Françoise Gilot Children: Meet Paloma, Claude Pierre Pablo and Aurelia Simon

Françoise Gilot, during her time with Pablo Picasso, became a mother to two children named Claude and Paloma.

These children often served as subjects for her artistic creations, reflecting the deep connection between her personal life and her artwork.

Although Picasso and Gilot never formalized their relationship through marriage, they shared a commitment to their children’s well-being.

Their son, Claude, was born in 1947, and their daughter, Paloma, followed in 1949.

In 1955, Gilot entered into marriage with the artist Luc Simon.

However, their union ended in divorce in 1962.

From this marriage, Gilot welcomed a daughter named Aurelia.

Françoise Gilot, Source: Google Search
Françoise Gilot, Source: Google Search

Due to the private nature of their lives, limited information regarding Gilot’s children is available online, leaving much of their personal stories shrouded in privacy and away from the public eye.

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