Missing Person, Hugh Blythe, Found Dead in Queens, NYC


Queens, New York City was struck with grief as the news of the tragic discovery of missing person Hugh Blythe reached the public.

After several days of relentless search efforts, it was with deep sadness that authorities confirmed his untimely demise.

This devastating news has left his family and friends in a state of shock and mourning.


The circumstances surrounding Hugh Blythe’s disappearance and subsequent death have raised many questions and concerns within the community.

Hugh Blythe, a resident of Queens, vanished on May 30, 2023, leaving his loved ones anxious and desperate for his safe return.

As days turned into nights, the worry intensified, and the search for Hugh gained momentum.

Friends, family, and concerned citizens joined forces, distributing flyers, organizing search parties, and sharing information on social media platforms in a bid to bring him back home.

The heartbreaking news of Hugh Blythe’s death came to light on Sunday, June 4, 2023, at 10:06 a.m.

Hugh Blythe Cause of Death

The details surrounding his discovery and the cause of death remain undisclosed, as authorities continue their investigation.

The information was initially shared through a tentative post on a popular social media site.

Queens, a borough situated on Long Island, adjacent to Manhattan, was the last place where Hugh Blythe was seen.

This densely populated area presented a challenging landscape for search teams, with its bustling streets, vast parks, and numerous neighborhoods.

Despite their tireless efforts, they were unable to locate him in time.

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