Brittany Higgins Children: Does Brittany Higgins have kids?


Brittany Higgins, a well-educated Australian woman, made headlines last year when she came forward with allegations of sexual assault by a coworker within Parliament House. Her courageous decision sparked a transformative journey, making her a powerful force for change.

Brittany Higgins.
Brittany Higgins. Source; Google search

As a former Liberal staffer, Brittany’s actions played a crucial role in the 2021 reckoning for women. Her bravery also inspired Jenkins to initiate the Set of the Standard review in Parliament House, a remarkable achievement for her.

In October 2022, during Bruce Lerrimon’s rape trial in Canberra, a surprising turn of events occurred. The trial was abruptly terminated due to the discovery of a prohibited document in the jury room. While speaking in court, Brittany, visibly emotional, shared her story, which potentially had significant legal implications.


Brittany grew up in Brisbane, Queensland, where she attended a Catholic school. She completed high school in 2012 and obtained a bachelor’s degree from Griffith University in 2006. Afterward, she worked as a staffer for the Liberal Party until the age of 27, until her political aspirations were shattered by the sexual assault committed by her colleague, Bruce Lehrmann.

Now 29 years old, Brittany is an advocate for change, fearlessly sharing her experiences and demanding justice. She has been supported by her mother, who frequently appears on Instagram, and her father, who maintains a private account. While her younger brother’s name remains undisclosed, Brittany’s family stands by her side.

In her personal life, Brittany is romantically involved with David Sharaz since 2018. Their relationship is open, and David consistently supports her during hearings.

Brittany Higgins Children: Does Brittany Higgins Have Kids?

While there is no information available about Brittany’s children, her net worth is estimated to be around $2 million.

Brittany Higgins
Brittany Higgins. Source; Google search

Brittany Higgins’s story highlights the importance of speaking out against injustice and the ongoing struggle for accountability and change. Her bravery serves as an inspiration for others, paving the way for a better and safer future for all.

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