Is George Soros Dead Or Alive?


On May 14, 2023, rumors circulated on social media claiming that billionaire philanthropist George Soros had died.

The initial rumor originated from a Turkish tweet that accused Soros of meddling in Muslim countries and orchestrating coups.

On May 15, a more specific claim surfaced on Twitter, alleging that Soros had died of a heart attack.

False Tweet

The claim was further propagated on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and TikTok, referencing an article from the World Bulletin.

However, investigation revealed that the World Bulletin’s source, a blog called “Politics For All Ireland,” did not have any relevant content, casting doubt on its credibility.

Is George Soros Dead Or Alive?

In response to the rumors, George Soros‘ spokesperson, Michael Vachon, confirmed that Soros was alive and in good health.

Vachon explicitly stated that Soros did not suffer a heart attack or any other health issues. Additionally, Soros himself addressed the rumors on his official Twitter account, unequivocally denying the false claims and affirming his well-being.

No reputable news publications had reported the death of George Soros. Had the rumor been true, his demise would have been widely covered and analyzed.

However, instead of reporting on his death, reputable news outlets focused on fact-checking and debunking the false rumors.

This situation mirrored previous instances where rumors about Soros had been disproven, such as claims of him going missing in Geneva.

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