CNN News Workers’ Salary: How Much Do They Earn?


CNN (Cable News Network) is a well-known news channel that has been providing news and current affairs to people for decades.

It is owned by the WarnerMedia division of AT&T’s WarnerMedia.

With its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, CNN has bureaus worldwide and broadcasts news in over 200 countries.


CNN has a wide range of employees who work tirelessly to keep the public informed about the latest news and events.

CNN News Workers’ Salary

CNN News workers, like those in other news channels, receive salaries depending on their job titles, job experience, and contribution to the news organization.

While salaries can vary depending on the location, industry, and the type of news work, here’s an overview of what a CNN news worker can expect to earn:

Average Salary of CNN News Workers

According to the data provided by Payscale, a website that compiles salary data for various jobs, the average salary of a CNN news worker in the United States is $62,000 per year.

This salary can vary depending on the job title, location, and years of experience.

Job Titles and Salaries

CNN has a range of job titles for its workers, including anchors, reporters, correspondents, producers, and writers. Here’s an overview of some of the job titles and their respective salaries:

  • CNN Anchor Salary: Anchors are the primary news presenters for CNN, and they earn a median salary of $57,000 per year. However, experienced anchors with a proven track record can earn as much as $204,000 per year.
  • CNN Reporter Salary: Reporters are responsible for gathering news and presenting it to the public. Their median salary is around $47,000 per year, but experienced reporters can earn up to $91,000 per year.
  • CNN Correspondent Salary: Correspondents are responsible for covering news stories and events from around the world. The median salary for a CNN correspondent is around $87,000 per year.
  • CNN Producer Salary: Producers are responsible for creating and managing news content. The median salary for a CNN producer is around $56,000 per year.

Factors that Affect CNN News Workers’ Salaries

Several factors can impact the salaries of CNN news workers, including:

  • Job experience: Experienced workers with years of experience can earn significantly more than entry-level employees.
  • Location: CNN has bureaus worldwide, and the location can impact the salaries of workers. For instance, a CNN worker in New York may earn more than someone working in a smaller city.
  • Industry trends: The industry trends and demand for specific skills can also impact salaries. For instance, a reporter with expertise in climate change reporting may earn more than someone without that specialization.

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