Latatia Stewart, East St. Louis Woman dead from Gunshot at 56


A woman was found dead from gunshot wounds on Wednesday evening inside the parking garage of the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel, located in the central business district of St. Louis.

The victim was later identified by the authorities as Latatia Stewart, a 56-year-old woman from the East St. Louis community.

Upon arriving at the parking garage, located near the intersection of 9th Street and Washington Avenue, police discovered Stewart lying on the ground behind her vehicle with circular defects on her chest and side.


Despite being dressed, the injuries were visible and it was determined that she had died at the location where she was found.

While no arrests have been made yet, sources close to the investigation have told 5 On Your Side that they believe Stewart was the intended target of the attack.

Latatia Stewart Cause of Death

Latatia Stewart is believed to have died from the gunshots sustained. Homicide detectives and other investigators are currently conducting an inquiry into the occurrence to gather more information and to determine what happened.

The Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel was named after the hotel’s former name, the St.

Louis Marriott, which inspired the naming of the establishment. However, the hotel’s previous moniker has no relevance to the current case.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department received a complaint of gunfire at around 6 o’clock in the evening on Wednesday, prompting officers to investigate the incident.

The department has not released any further details regarding the shooting.

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