Ali Ghodsi Nationality, Which Country is Ali Ghodsi from?


Ali Ghodsi is a computer scientist and entrepreneur who is an expert in distributed systems and big data. 

Ghodsi earned his PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, under the guidance of Seif Haridi. He co-founded a company called Peerialism AB, which focused on developing peer-to-peer systems for internet data transport and storage. Additionally, he worked as an assistant professor at KTH and later joined UC Berkeley as a visiting scholar.

At UC Berkeley, Ghodsi collaborated with prominent researchers like Scott Shenker, Ion Stoica, Michael Franklin, and Matei Zaharia on various projects related to distributed systems, database systems, and networking.


During this time, he played a significant role in starting the Apache Mesos and Apache Spark projects. He also co-invented a concept called Dominant Resource Fairness, which greatly influenced the design of resource management and scheduling in distributed systems like Hadoop.

In 2013, Ghodsi co-founded Databricks, a company that focuses on commercializing Spark, and he assumed the position of CEO in 2016. Alongside his work at Databricks, he serves as an adjunct professor at UC Berkeley.

Ali Ghodsi Nationality

He was born in Iran and later became a Swedish citizen. Ghodsi is known for his work in resource management, scheduling, and data caching, which has been applied in popular open source projects like Apache Mesos, Apache Spark, and Apache Hadoop.

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