Is Louise Linton Married?


Louise Linton is a Scottish actress known for her roles in horror films and television series. She was born on December 20, 1980, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Linton grew up in the Murrayfield area and comes from a family that owns Melville Castle. She attended St George’s School for Girls and Fettes College.

From a young age, Linton had a passion for acting. She trained in Edinburgh with a private coach from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Her first notable role was as a guest star in the television series CSI: NY in 2007. She later appeared in films such as Cabin Fever and Intruder.

In 2016, Linton self-published a memoir called “In Congo’s Shadow” about her experiences in Zambia. However, the book received criticism for its portrayal of Zambia and the “white savior” narrative. The Zambian High Commission in London and others objected to the book’s inaccuracies.


Linton has been involved in various projects. She has her own production company called Stormchaser Films and has worked on films like “Me You Madness,” where she wrote, directed, produced, financed, and starred in the film.

Despite her success and privileged upbringing in a Scottish castle, Linton has faced criticism for her memoir and portrayal of certain events. Her work continues to be a subject of debate and discussion among critics and the public.

Louise Linton’s Husband

Linton’s personal life has also drawn attention. She is married to Steven Mnuchin, who served as the United States Secretary of the Treasury. In 2017, Linton briefly took on the role of interim CEO of Dune Entertainment, a company founded by Mnuchin and got married in the same year. 

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