Eileen Saki, actress known for her role in MAS*H, dies at age 79


Actress Eileen Saki passed away in Los Angeles after battling pancreatic cancer. She was best known for her role as Rosie, the bar owner in the popular TV series “MAS*H.”

She appeared in nine episodes of the show, which aired from 1972 to 1983.

Eileen Saki Cause Of Death, How did Eileen Saki die?

Saki was the third actor to play the role of Rosie, and she held the part for the longest period of time.


After “MAS*H,” she appeared in other productions, including the 1984 film “Splash” and “History of the World: Part I.”

Saki was born in Japan and raised there before coming to the United States. In an interview with her “MASH” co-star Jeff Maxwell, Saki revealed that she knew from a young age that she wanted to be a performer. She landed the role of Rosie in “MASH” after sneaking onto the Fox lot and meeting Burt Metcalf, who cast her in the series.

In 2004, Saki became a survivor of lung cancer. She returned to her passion for acting and most recently appeared in an Uber Eats commercial in 2022.

Jeff Maxwell wrote a tribute to Saki on his podcast’s Facebook page, calling her “our sweet Eileen” and “our sassy Rosie.”

He also mentioned how much they all loved her and how much they will miss her. Saki is survived by her husband, Bob.

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