Dua Lipa Siblings: Meet Rina Lipa and Gjin Lipa


English-Albanian singer and songwriter Dua Lipa, born on August 22, 1995, has gained critical acclaim and media coverage for her mezzo-soprano vocal range and disco-influenced production.

Her success has been reflected in numerous accolades received throughout her career, including six Brit Awards, three Grammy Awards, two MTV Europe Music Awards, an MTV Video Music Award, two Billboard Music Awards, an American Music Award, and two Guinness World Records.

In addition to these awards, Dua Lipa was also included on the prestigious Time 100 Next list in 2021.


Her achievements have firmly established her as one of the leading figures in the music industry today.

Dua Lipa’s rise to fame began with the release of her debut single “New Love” in 2015, followed by the hit singles “Be the One” and “IDGAF”.

Her self-titled debut album was released in 2017 and spawned the hit singles “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” and “New Rules”, the latter of which topped the charts in several countries.

Since then, Dua Lipa has continued to dominate the charts with her follow-up album “Future Nostalgia”, which was released in 2020.

The album’s lead single “Don’t Start Now” became a massive hit and was followed by other successful singles such as “Physical” and “Levitating”.

The album has been praised for its disco-inspired sound and has cemented Dua Lipa’s status as a pop icon.

Dua Lipa has also been an advocate for various social causes.

Her music and her public persona have inspired a generation of young people around the world.

Overall, Dua Lipa’s talent, hard work, and dedication have led to a successful career in music, and her influence continues to grow.

She is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and a role model for aspiring artists everywhere.

Dua Lipa Siblings: Meet Rina Lipa and Gjin Lipa

Dua Lipa has two younger siblings named Rina Lipa and Gjin Lipa.

Rina Lipa is Dua’s younger sister, born on May 16, 2001, in London, UK.

She is a model and social media influencer with over 450,000 followers on Instagram.

Rina is also a student and has completed her A-Levels.

She is often seen attending events with her sister Dua.

Gjin Lipa is Dua’s younger brother, born on February 25, 2004, in London, UK.

He is still in school and is pursuing his studies.

Gjin is a keen footballer and has been seen playing the sport with his friends and family.

Dua has shared several pictures of her brother on her social media accounts.

The Lipa siblings are very close and often spend time together as a family.

They have also been seen attending events and shows together to support each other.

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