Who is Hannah Serfass? A 15-year-old teenager from Florida dead after horse falls on her


A tragic incident occurred during an equestrian competition in Venice, Florida over the weekend, which led to the death of a 15-year-old girl.

Hannah Serfass, a promising young rider, was participating in the Fox Lea Farm Spring Concours when the horse she was riding, Quaxx 2, tripped and fell on her.

The fall resulted in a rotational fall that led to her untimely death.


Who is Hannah Serfass? A 15-year-old teenager from Florida dead after horse falls on her

According to a report from the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office, the horse had successfully completed a jump during the competition but stumbled on its left front hoof after taking a few steps.

This caused the rider to fall forward off the horse in the same direction and onto the ground, and the horse to continue falling in the same direction, ultimately landing on top of the rider’s head.

Hannah was immediately transported to a local hospital, but unfortunately, she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

The U.S. Equestrian Federation (USEF) released a statement on Monday confirming the fatal accident and extending its deepest condolences to Hannah’s family, support team, and friends.

The USEF also described Hannah as a talented young rider known for her passion for horses, natural ability, and work ethic.

The Fox Lea Farm facility where the competition was held also issued a statement on Facebook expressing condolences to the family, trainer, friends, and the entire equestrian community.

They have refrained from sharing any additional information out of respect for the family.

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