Is Bill Nighy Dating Anna Wintour?


British Actor William Francis Nighy was born on December 12, 1949. He began his acting career with the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.

Nighy later moved on to perform in the Royal National Theatre, where he received critical acclaim for his roles in numerous plays.

Throughout his career, Nighy has worked on various films and television series.


He started with small comedic roles in movies such as Still Crazy (1998) and Blow Dry (2001).

However, he gained worldwide recognition after his portrayal of Billy Mack in Love Actually (2003), earning him a BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor.

He then went on to play memorable characters in movies like Shaun of the Dead (2004), The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (2005), and The Constant Gardener (2005).

Nighy also portrayed some notable villains in movies like Davy Jones in the Pirates of the Caribbean film series (2006–2007) and Viktor in the Underworld film series (2003–2009).

He played Rufus Scrimgeour in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1 (2010), and also starred in the comedy-drama The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (2012) and About Time (2013).

In 2020, he played Mr. Woodhouse in the adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, and in 2022, he starred in the drama Living, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Is Bill Nighy Dating Anna Wintour?

After years of speculation, it seems that Anna Wintour and Bill Nighy have confirmed their romantic relationship by making a public appearance together at the 2023 Met Gala.

The US Vogue Editor-in-Chief and the acclaimed British actor arrived arm-in-arm on Monday, May 1, at fashion’s biggest night.

While it is possible that the two are simply attending the Gala as friends, Wintour has typically arrived solo in the past.

Her decision to bring Nighy as her date to the event, which is famously her night, could suggest that their relationship has progressed beyond just friendship.

During their walk around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Wintour was seen affectionately holding onto the Love Actually star while taking pictures.

The fashion icon donned an embellished gown and coat combination from Chanel’s SS23 collection, while Nighy looked dapper in a classic navy suit.

Despite their high-profile debut as a couple, speculation about their relationship has been circulating since February 2020.

While the two have kept their romance relatively private, their appearance at the Met Gala has sparked interest and intrigue from fans and the media alike.

As we wait for more stylish red carpet appearances from the new couple, it remains to be seen how their relationship will continue to unfold.

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