Maldwyn Harries Popular Farmer Dies At Age 58


Dedicated farmer Maldwyn Harries, 58, tragically lost his life while tending to his cattle business. He was found dead at the scene after being crushed against a wall while helping with a TB test for the animals.

Mr. Harries was working with his son Mark, other family members, and a local veterinarian to test a herd for the disease.

In order to move a bull towards the cattle crush for inspection, Mr. Harries had to enter the cattle stall.


Maldwyn Harries cause of death

Normally, the bull could be coaxed to move by leaning over the railing from an adjacent stall and tapping its nose.

However, on this occasion, the bull refused to budge and ended up crushing Mr. Harries. Unfortunately, his injuries were very severe.

Emergency responders, including the police and medical professionals, made every effort to save Mr. Harries, even giving him a blood transfusion. However, a post-mortem examination revealed that he had suffered multiple injuries to his chest, abdomen, and spinal column.

The Health and Safety Executive inspector, Simon Breen, confirmed that the farm had all the necessary equipment for the TB test. The bull, which had caused the accident, was subsequently destroyed after testing positive for TB.

Maldwyn Harries was a well-known figure in the farming community, described as “salt of the earth.” His sudden death shocked and saddened many people, including Llandeilo town councillor Christoph Fischer. The community expressed their condolences on Mr. Harries’ daughter’s Facebook profile, remembering him as a “true gent.”

During the inquest, Coroner Paul Bennett concluded that Mr. Harries’ death was accidental. He recognized that this tragic incident highlighted the risks faced by those doing valuable work in the farming community. The coroner empathized with the family, acknowledging the devastating impact of losing Mr. Harries and dealing with the ongoing situation of TB on the farm.

The loss of Maldwyn Harries serves as a reminder of the importance of safety precautions in agricultural work and the potential dangers involved. His contributions to the farming community will be greatly missed, and his family and friends will continue to cope with the challenges ahead.

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