Meet Fox News Alicia Acuna’s children: Sofia and Mario Acuna


Alicia Acuna is a well-known journalist who has worked with Fox News for many years.

She has made a name for herself in the industry, thanks to her expertise in covering breaking news, politics, and other important events.

But outside of her career, Alicia Acuna is also a proud mother to two children: Sofia and Mario Acuna.


Alicia Acuna’s children

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Alicia Acuna’s children, including their backgrounds, interests, and achievements.

Sofia Acuna

Sofia Acuna is Alicia’s oldest child, born on October 31, 2003.

She is currently a high school student and has shown a keen interest in music and the arts.

Sofia is an accomplished singer and has performed in several school productions and talent shows.

Aside from her passion for music, Sofia is also a talented artist. She enjoys painting and drawing and has won several awards for her artwork.

Sofia is known for her creative flair and her ability to express herself through different mediums.

In addition to her artistic talents, Sofia is also a dedicated student.

She takes her academics seriously and has consistently earned high grades throughout her school years.

Sofia is well-rounded, and she balances her academic work with her passion for music and the arts.

Mario Acuna

Mario Acuna is Alicia’s youngest child, born on December 22, 2005.

Like his sister Sofia, he is also a high school student and has a passion for sports.

Mario is a talented soccer player and has been playing the sport since he was very young.

Mario is known for his dedication to the sport, and he spends a lot of time practicing and training.

He is a member of his school’s soccer team and has helped lead them to several victories. Mario is also involved in other sports, including basketball and track and field.

Aside from his athletic achievements, Mario is also an excellent student.

Mario is a well-rounded student-athlete who excels in both academics and sports.

Alicia Acuna is a busy journalist, and her work requires her to be away from home often.

Despite this, she is a dedicated mother who makes sure to prioritize her children’s needs and interests.

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