Alicia Acuna’s husband: Facts about Brian Boyd


Alicia Acuna’s husband: who is Brian Boyd?

Brian Boyd is the husband of Alicia Acuna, the well-known journalist, and anchor for Fox News Channel.

Brian Boyd is a private individual and has largely been kept out of the public eye, so not much is known about his personal life or background.

How did Alicia Acuna and Brian Boyd meet?

Alicia Acuna and Brian Boyd met while they were both attending college at the University of Colorado.


They were introduced by friends and began dating shortly thereafter.

After several years together, they decided to get married and have been together ever since.

What does Brian Boyd do for a living?

Brian Boyd’s profession is not publicly known, and he has not disclosed information about his career or job.

It is possible that he works in a field outside of the media industry, as Alicia Acuna is the public figure in their relationship.

What are Alicia Acuna and Brian Boyd’s relationships like?

Alicia Acuna and Brian Boyd have been married for several years and have a strong, supportive relationship.

Despite the demands of Alicia’s career, they make time to spend together and have been known to attend events and social functions as a couple.

Alicia has spoken publicly about the importance of her family and her relationship with her husband and has credited him with being a loving and supportive partner throughout her career.

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