Dua Lipa Siblings: Meet Rina Lipa and Gjin Lipa


Dua Lipa is a British-Kosovan singer and songwriter, who has made a name for herself in the global music industry.

Born in London to Kosovo Albanian parents, Anesa and Dukagjin Lipa, Dua Lipa has been influenced by her multicultural upbringing.

Dua Lipa’s family is Muslim, and through her maternal grandmother, she is of Bosniak descent.


Her ancestry can also be traced back to the city of Peja, Kosovo. Lipa’s love for music can be attributed to her father, who was the lead singer and guitarist of the Kosovan rock band Oda.

He continued to play music at home, introducing her to artists such as David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Sting, the Police, and Stereophonics.

Lipa started singing at the age of five and continued to hone her musical skills throughout her childhood.

She was particularly drawn to the works of Nelly Furtado, Pink, and Christina Aguilera.

At the age of 14, Lipa began posting covers of popular songs on YouTube.

Her covers caught the attention of various music labels, and soon enough, she signed a contract with Warner Music Group.

Dua Lipa Siblings: Meet Rina Lipa and Gjin Lipa

Dua Lipa has two siblings who are Rina Lipa and Gjin Lipa.

Dua Lipa is eldest of the two siblings.

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