Jamie Craig, Wyandotte High School Teacher Dead


Jamie Craig, a beloved teacher at Wyandotte High School and a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, passed away tragically on Saturday, April 29th, 2023.

Her death was announced through social media on Monday, May 1st, 2023. She is the 57th murder victim in Kansas City, Missouri.

Jamie Craig Cause Of Death

She was found dead at a Kansas City, Missouri, residence, while her son was present. According to reports, the police found the boy there and left him with a stranger for two hours until social services arrived.


Jamie Craig was a resident of Kansas City, Missouri, and a beloved mother to her son, Jackson, also called Jax.

She graduated from Park University and was an employee at Kansas-State Lansing Correctional Facility and DeLaSalle Education Center, according to her social media profile. At Wyandotte High School, she was well-liked and respected by both her pupils and her coworkers.

Ms. Craig spent almost six years at Wyandotte as a Lead Teacher in the Human and Public Service Academy and the Law Enforcement Pathway.

She advocated for the Enough is Enough anti-violence program for students, supported peer mediation, instructed in Practical Law and Human Rights, and created and oversaw the Youth Court Internship program.

She was an excellent teacher who put forth a lot of effort and had good communication skills. Her colleagues and students respected and admired her for her intelligence, consideration, and sympathy.

Jamie Craig was not only a fantastic teacher but also a true friend and an angel to everyone who sought her out.

She always had insight and a viewpoint on anything, and her sweet personality made her loved by all who knew her.

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