Community Activist Gerry Monroe Passes Away


Gerry Monroe, also known as “The 5 Star General,” has passed away suddenly. He was a resident of Houston, Texas, and an unrelenting activist in the Houston Independent School District.

Monroe was a staunch advocate for children’s education and was proud of his reputation as a troublemaker in the neighborhood. He fought for the youth until he took his last breath.

Ferrel Bonner, a politician for Fort Bend County, expressed his sympathies, condolences, and prayers to Monroe’s family and friends on Facebook.


The Houston community mourns the loss of Monroe, who was a great salesman, an honest person, and a star in his community.

Monroe was born in Houston, Texas, and graduated from Jack Yates Sr. High School in 1986. He went to Central Texas College and got an associate degree in 2020.

Monroe has worked as a political consultant and a supporter of better education. He has run his own business and been in charge of The United Urban Alumni Alliance. Monroe spoke up for a lot of students, teachers, managers, and seniors.

Monroe helped Dr. Grenita Lathan keep her job in HISD and worked with the Principal at Yates to get her back.

He set up an event for the whole town, paid for a dinner for seniors in Sunnyside, and did what he could to keep young guys from joining gangs. Monroe was a clever and fearless activist who could make you cringe, pray, and laugh all in one section.

Gerry Monroe Cause of Death

At the time of this publication, his cause of death is not public. Thoughts and prayers are with his family and the Houston community during this difficult time.

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