Who is the 27-year-old man that jump to from NYCHA building?


Man Jumps to His Death from Queens NYCHA Building

A tragic incident occurred in Queens, New York, as a 27-year-old man jumped to his death from a NYCHA building on Monday.

The incident took place at the Pomonok Houses building on Parsons Boulevard near 65th Avenue around midnight. The man, whose identity remains undisclosed, was immediately rushed to NewYork-Presbyterian Queens Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.


According to the police, the man took his life by leaping from the building. It is still unclear what led the man to take such a drastic step. Investigations are underway, and authorities are looking into all possible reasons behind the incident.

Suicide is a growing concern in New York City, and such incidents have become more frequent. With the ongoing pandemic, mental health issues have increased significantly, leading to a rise in suicide cases.

In this regard, New York City has set up a free and confidential crisis counseling service called “NYC WELL.” Individuals experiencing a mental health crisis or struggling with suicidal thoughts can call 1-888-NYC-WELL for assistance.

It is essential to recognize the warning signs and seek help immediately if anyone is struggling with mental health issues.

Often people find it difficult to reach out and speak about their problems, but it is essential to break the stigma and seek help. Mental health professionals recommend reaching out to friends, family, or helplines to seek support.

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