Amber LeighAnn Reed, Cleveland Native Dead In Accident


Amber LeighAnn Reed, a Cleveland native and an employee at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, passed away tragically on Saturday, April 29th, 2023. She was a beloved mother and daughter to her parents.

A road accident at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Saturday killed one person and hurt two others.

Amber LeighAnn Cause of Death, How did Amber LeighAnn Die?

She died from injuries sustained in the accident


According to the police report, all three people worked for Volkswagen. The driver in the accident went off the road “for unknown reasons” near the Volkswagen plant and hit three pedestrians. One worker, named Amber Reed, died at the scene.

The driver was named as Jason Thornton and was taken into custody. He was charged with vehicular homicide by recklessness, failure to operate with proper care, reckless driving, felony reckless endangerment, and speeding. Because of the accident, the company stopped making things at the plant for the day.

Amber LeighAnn Reed was a dedicated mother to her children and a loving sister. She was always up for a good time and liked spending time with her children.

She will forever be remembered for her hard work ethic, her fun-loving and adventurous spirit, and for truly living an amazing life filled with many beautiful memories and stories. Despite the loss, her spirit lives on in everyone she touched.

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