Barron Ritchey from Pilot Point, Texas Dead In An Accident


An 8-year-old boy, Barron Ritchey from Pilot Point, Texas, passed away after a fatal car accident that occurred over the weekend.

The accident occurred on Thursday, and no further details have been provided.

Barron was a kind and gentle person, and his family is in the thoughts and prayers of many.


A four-car accident took place in Tioga on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in the death of a man from Pilot Point and injuries to four others.

The victim, Bernabe Rodriguez, was a guest in Erik Rodriguez’s car, who was waiting to turn left onto Emberson Chapel Rd.

When Coyre McGallion hit him from behind in an SUV. Rodriguez’s car was then hit by two other vehicles driven by Jamie Clark and Kathryn Cassella, both from Tioga.

Barron Ritchey Cause Of Death

Bernabe died at the scene, and Erik and Carlos Flores had to be taken to Medical City Denton due to their major injuries.

Cassella was also taken to Medical City Denton, and Clark’s condition was stable.

The SUV driver, McGallion, was checked out and sent on his way to the scene. The authorities are still investigating the accident.

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