Lidia Thorpe Husband, Is Lidia Thorpe Married?


Lidia Thorpe is an Australian Independent politician who became a Senator for Victoria in 2020, making her the first Aboriginal senator from that state.

She was previously a member of the Australian Green until February 2023 when she quit the party over a disagreement concerning the proposed Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

Lidia Thorpe was born on August 18, 1973, in Carlton, Australia, to Roy Illingworth and Marjorie Thorpe.


She has a sister named Meriki Onus, who co-founded the Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance (WAR) collective that was a driving force behind the Australian Aboriginal Sovereignty movement.

Is Lidia Thorpe Married?

Lidia Thorpe is not officially married yet,

She is currently in a relationship with Gavan McFadzen, who is the Manager of the Climate Change and Clean Energy Program at the Australian Conservation Foundation.

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