Stetson Bennett Height and Weight


In the world of college football, many players are driven by the desire to make it to the NFL. And for Stetson Bennett IV, that dream is within reach.

Bennett’s journey to the top has been anything but easy. He began his college football career as a walk-on at the University of Georgia in 2017.

As a freshman, he didn’t take a single snap the entire season. However, Bennett didn’t let that deter him.


He continued to work hard in practice, honing his skills and preparing for his chance to shine.

That chance came in 2018 when five-star quarterback Justin Fields committed to Georgia.

Bennett knew that his opportunities to play would be limited with Fields on the team, so he made the decision to transfer to Jones College.

At Jones, Bennett had the chance to play more regularly and showcase his talents on the field.

He quickly established himself as a standout player, earning the starting quarterback position and leading the team to an 8-2 record.

Stetson Bennett’s Height

Stetson Bennett stands at an impressive 6 feet tall (or 1.83 meters).

Being 6 feet tall has certainly given Stetson Bennett an advantage in his football career, particularly as a quarterback.

Stetson Bennett’s Weight

Stetson Bennett currently weighs around 190 pounds (or 86 kilograms).

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