Demon Slayer Season 3 Episode 3 Summary


Tanjiro refuses sword from Yoriichi Type Zero

Demon Slayer season 3 episode 3 opens with Tanjiro refusing to take the sword found in Yoriichi Type Zero, despite Kotetsu’s claim that the steel used in the Sengoku period is legendary.

The blade is rusty, and Haganezuka approaches from the shadows to try to take the sword away. He claims that he will fix it up for Tanjiro.


Haganezuka offers to restore the sword

Kozo Kanamori arrives just in time to subdue the ranging Swordsmith and wakes him up the next day, declaring that he will restore the blade thanks to a secret polishing technique passed down through his family’s generations. The polishing technique is so brutal that it has killed people before.

The emergence of Hantengu

An unnamed Swordsmith is walking back to the village when he stumbles upon an ornate vase.

The vase grabs hold of him and pulls him into the opening, crushing his body until it has been completely engulfed. The vase spits back out the body and Gyokko emerges from the ceramic.

We see Hantengu on a nearby rooftop, wondering if Muzan will be pleased with him if he kills the Demon Slayers in the village. Tanjiro is woken up suddenly by Muichiro, who asks him about where the Swordsmiths have gone.

Battle against the Upper Rank

The door to their room slides open, and a crying Hantengu crawls towards them. Initially aghast at the appearance of an Upper Rank, the demon dodges attacks from Tanjiro and Muichiro, before Nezuko lands a kick and the Mist Hashira decapitates the Upper Rank.

Unfortunately, the demon grows a new head to the detached body and a new body to the detached head.

Genya arrives just in time to fire his Nichirin shotgun, but when he also decapitates one of the clones, two more emerge from its body. Tanjiro is then picked up by one of the clones that has spouted wings and carried into the air; he is dropped to the floor after releasing Hinokami Kagura.

Muichiro helps Kotetsu

In the forest, Muichiro sees a fish-like demon attacking Kotetsu. At first, he disregards the child’s safety as a low priority considering the appearance of the Upper Rank, but he decides to help the child after remembering Tanjiro’s advice about helping others.

The episode ends with Muichiro taking a stance against the demon, asking Kotetsu to run away so that he doesn’t get in the Mist Hashira’s way.

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