TikTok: Where is Andrew Dawson?


TikTok has been filled with videos asking about the whereabouts of Andrew Dawson since he disappeared from the app in 2022, and no one is certain of what happened.

Over the last few years, many TikTok users have disappeared from the platform for various reasons, including pursuing success elsewhere or passing away.

Andrew Dawson was a popular TikToker with over 56,000 followers. In May 2022, he posted a video of a “giant” standing on top of a mountain in Canada, which led to supposed interactions with the CIA and Canadian CSIS, as well as claims that he was being “stalked” after the post.


Dawson’s interaction with the strange phenomenon on the mountain led to his supposed interactions with the CIA and Canadian CSIS, which raised many questions about his safety and whereabouts.

Where is Andrew Dawson on TikTok?

Dawson’s last post was on May 18th, when he once again questioned if some military operation was happening on the mountain in question.

Since then, Dawson has not been seen on TikTok or any other social media platform, which has led to numerous theories about his whereabouts and millions of views on his videos.

Despite the speculations, Dawson’s obituary was posted in the Campbell River Mirror in July, indicating that he had passed away.

Many TikTokers offered their condolences about Dawson’s passing, with some expressing their sadness and love for him.

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