Avery Slatcher stabbed at Pinecrest High School, What happened?


On Friday, a student named Avery Slatcher was stabbed at Pinecrest High School and was rushed to the hospital.

The incident took place in the theater parking lot before the start of school, and the school system has confirmed that it was an isolated event.

The school’s police and staff members took quick action and detained the perpetrator.


According to other students, Avery Slatcher was stabbed while trying to end a relationship with the perpetrator.

The school’s Critical Response Team, which includes counselors and social workers, was dispatched to the school immediately to provide support to both staff and students.

The school implemented a modified lockdown for a brief period as well.

Erika Nickel has started a GoFundMe fundraiser for Avery’s family. Avery is described as a kind and talented swimmer, as well as a caring sibling.

Her family has asked for contributions to help cover the costs of their stay in Chapel Hill, as well as Avery’s extensive care and rehabilitation.

The Slatcher family remains in Chapel Hill to remain close to Avery, who was airlifted to UNC for treatment due to her severe injuries.

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