Sad: Loni Willison Before And Now Photos


Loni Willison, a former swimwear model, had a glamorous life with her Hollywood actor husband Jeremy Jackson.

She graced the covers of fitness magazines and looked like the perfect Hollywood couple with her husband.

However, her life took a turn for the worse after a messy divorce from Jackson eight years ago.


After losing her job and home, Loni became homeless and has been dragging her worldly possessions in a trolley.

Loni Willison
Loni Willison Before And Now Photos

She declined offers of help and became unrecognisable from her previous self. She was seen walking the streets, smoking a cigarette, and rummaging through bins for food.

Loni once claimed that she made herself look dirty to avoid being sexually abused on the street.

The police were called to their home in August 2014, after Jackson allegedly attacked Loni.

Loni claimed that he strangled and beat her, leaving her with broken ribs, an injured neck, and scratches on her face and body.

She decided not to press charges, and the pair split straight after the alleged attack.

Loni’s mental health deteriorated after her split from Jackson. She suffered a mental breakdown, lost her job, fell into debt, and lost her rented apartment.

She developed an addiction to crystal meth and believed her body was so full of electrical charge that she was a danger to others.

She claimed she tried to talk to friends about it but struggled to get through to them. Loni also claimed she saw Jeremy standing outside her flat while she was being “tortured”.

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