What happened to Loni Willison? Loni Willison Before and Now


Loni Willison, the former swimsuit model and ex-wife of Baywatch actor Jeremy Jackson, has been spotted in Los Angeles searching for food in dumpsters.

Willison has been homeless for nearly seven years and has been living in homeless encampments in California.

Loni Willison marriage to Jeremy Jackson

After her tumultuous relationship with Jackson ended in 2014, Willison reportedly struggled with addiction and mental health issues.


Her life took a downward turn, and she can often be seen wandering the streets, pushing an overflowing shopping cart, and rummaging through dumpsters in search of food. Willison has reportedly suffered from an addiction to crystal meth and various mental health issues.

Loni Willison Before

Just eight years ago, Willison was living the Hollywood dream, modeling and appearing on red carpets at glittering events alongside Jackson, whom she married in 2012. But after developing a drug addiction, she has fallen on hard times and has been sleeping rough for the last six years in Venice.

Where is Loni Willison now?

Willison was found on the streets for the first time in two years in October 2020, having been homeless since around 2016.

She insisted that she ‘can live on her own’ and that she has ‘everything she needs right here’ in Venice due to the area’s affluent nature.

She claimed to have food and a place to sleep and said that there’s money and food in the bins and near the stores.

Willison and Jackson’s marriage ended in a tumultuous divorce in 2014, with Willison accusing Jackson of trying to strangle her in a violent rage.

She also revealed that all her hardships occurred years after her divorce from Jackson, which was finalized in 2014.

Willison opened up about her tragic fall from grace in an interview with DailyMailTV in October 2018.

She claimed that her unfortunate path to homelessness began in 2016 when she lost her job as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center in LA.

She then claimed that she worked briefly for a realtor who refused to pay her, which only added to her financial, mental, and emotional turmoil.

Drug rehab specialist Larry Marinelli offered to help Willison for free and even laid out a detailed treatment plan for her so she could safely battle her demons and get her life back on track.

Unfortunately, Willison denied treatment and was back out on the streets in less than 24 hours.

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