Video: Steven Crowder Punishing His Wife For Not Doing ‘Wifely Things’


Conservative Commentator Steven Crowder Accused of Emotional Abuse in Newly Surfaced Footage

Security footage from 2021 has caused outrage online as viewers watch conservative commentator Steven Crowder allegedly prohibit his wife Hilary Crowder, then eight months pregnant with the couple’s twins, from using the car to pick up groceries.

Video of Steven Crowder Punishing His Wife For Not Doing ‘Wifely Things’

The newly surfaced video shows Steven’s alleged abusive tendencies towards his wife, and has sparked controversy as the couple’s divorce and legal battles continue to unfold.


In the video, which was released by Hilary and obtained by journalist Yashar Ali, Steven can be seen telling his wife that she cannot use the car because she has refused to do “wifely things.”

The argument escalates as Hilary suggests getting a ride from someone else, prompting Steven to order her to use a rideshare service instead.

He then raises his voice and tells her that by taking the car, she is leaving him at the house with no transportation.

At one point in the video, Hilary accuses him of abuse, to which Steven responds, “Watch it.” Later in the relationship, Steven refused to attend the birth of their twins, which led to Hilary filing for divorce in December 2021.

The couple’s contentious divorce and claims of abuse have recently surfaced on social media, in part due to an ongoing feud between Steven and conservative commentator Candace Owens.

According to Steven, Owens hinted at his divorce on her show prior to him announcing it publicly.

He then accused her of extortion, and the pair have been feuding ever since. Owens commented on the video of Steven and Hilary, calling it “horrific” and difficult to watch.

The video has led to widespread condemnation of Steven’s alleged behavior, with many social media users expressing their support for Hilary and condemning Steven’s actions.

In response to the controversy, Steven announced on his podcast that the couple would be getting a divorce, going against Hilary’s wishes about publicly discussing their legal battles.

Newsweek reached out to Steven for comment, but he has yet to respond. It remains unclear what “wifely things” Steven was expecting Hilary to do, but the video has sparked a conversation about the ways in which conservative men can weaponize religious expectations to justify abuse.

As the couple’s divorce continues to unfold, the newly surfaced footage has brought Steven’s alleged abusive behavior to light, sparking a larger conversation about the prevalence of emotional abuse in relationships.

While it remains to be seen how the legal battles will unfold, the video has shone a light on the importance of addressing abusive behavior and the need for support for those who have experienced it.

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