Karl Lagerfeld Inheritance: Who inherited Karl Lagerfeld’s fortune?


Karl Lagerfeld, the former Chanel and Fendi creative director, left behind a fortune estimated to be worth £178m after his death in 2019.

However, the issue of who would inherit his estate has remained unresolved.

Who inherited Karl Lagerfeld’s fortune?

Seven beneficiaries, including Lagerfeld’s muse and protégé, Baptiste Giabiconi, and his right-hand man and chauffeur, Sebastien Jondeau, have been named by a French magazine.


Giabiconi is set to receive 30% of the estate, the largest share. Jondeau is the second biggest beneficiary, but the amount he will receive is unknown.

Other beneficiaries include several of Lagerfeld’s Chanel collaborators and his former governess, who has been looking after his cat Choupette since his death.

Giabiconi has since focused on his business ventures, including his marketing agency, Wonderwall agency, and his own holiday business, Casa Giabiconi.

Jondeau, who worked for Lagerfeld for two decades, has remained a known figure in the fashion world but has kept a low profile since Lagerfeld’s death.

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