Anna Wintour Husband: David Shaffer & Shelby Bryan, Is She Still Married?


Anna Wintour is a legendary figure in the fashion industry as the editor-in-chief at Vogue since 1988.

She became artistic director for the magazine’s publisher Conde Nast in 2013.

She is also famous for her remarkable style sense, which includes her recognizable pageboy haircut, bangs, and large sunglasses.


Anna has two children, Charles and Katherine, from her first marriage with David Shaffer.

After divorcing David, she married Shelby Bryan, a business executive, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist.

Anna Wintour Husband: Is Anna Wintour Married?

Anna Wintour has been married twice: first to David Shaffer and then to Shelby Bryan.

Anna’s First Marriage with David Shaffer

David Shaffer is a well-known and respected child psychiatrist in New York. Anna and David got married in 1984, and they had two children, Charles and Katherine.

Although they both excelled in their professions, their marriage only lasted for 15 years, and they got divorced in 1999.

Despite the divorce, Anna’s first marriage was successful in that it produced two equally successful children.

Katherine, also known as Bee, graduated from Columbia University and married director Francesco Carrozzini in 2018.

Charles, on the other hand, graduated from the University of Oxford and Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons and has two daughters with his wife Elizabeth Shaffer.

In 2021, Bee had a baby boy, making Anna a grandmother three times over!

Anna’s Second Marriage with Shelby Bryan

Anna started dating Shelby Bryan in 1999, while he was still married to Katherine Bryan. Some reports suggest that Anna’s relationship with Shelby ended her marriage with David.

Shelby and Katherine divorced in 2001, two years after Anna and David’s divorce. Anna and Shelby got married in 2004, and he became a constant presence by her side until they split in October 2020.

According to a source, they had been apart for a while before the announcement of their separation.

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