Barron Burton, Popular Singer and Cal U Icon Dead


Barron Burton, a beloved resident of Kihei, Hawaii, and a talented singer, passed away after suffering a heart attack on April 28th, 2023.

The news of his death was announced on social media, leaving his friends, family, and fans heartbroken.

Barron Burton cause of death, what happened?

As stated earlier, he died from a heart attack


Barron was known for his incredible voice, infectious smile, and lively personality that lit up every room he entered.

He was a big part of the California University of Pennsylvania community, where he was a student and a popular performer.

Barron was a native of Donora, Pennsylvania, and attended Ringgold High School before enrolling in Cal U.

He was engaged to Kat Gregory and was a loving son to his mother, Anita Burton. Barron was a larger-than-life figure at Cal U, known by his nickname Bones, and was hard to miss.

He was always welcoming and talked to everyone, making them feel at home in his presence.

Aside from his magnetic personality, Barron was a talented singer known as teddyruxpinsings on Instagram.

He had a big heart and was always more concerned about others’ well-being than his own.

He was the kind of friend who would give you his full attention and support whenever you needed it.

Barron was a blessing to everyone who knew him, and his spirit will live on in the hearts of those he touched.

Barron’s passing has left a deep void in the Cal U community, with many people expressing their grief and shock on social media.

Shauna McCoy, one of Barron’s closest friends, wrote a touching tribute to him, saying, “Your smile, your laugh, your voice, your memes! I always thought there’d come a day when we’d be Cruisin’ together again.

This breaks my heart. Love you man, till we meet again.”

Law Murray, another friend of Barron’s, also expressed his sadness and admiration for him, saying, “Sending peace and love this morning to those who knew Barron Burton. Bones had such a presence at Cal U. You couldn’t miss him.

And it made sense how he got so much love from everyone there. As a non-local freshman, that was cool af, and he will be missed.”

Despite his untimely passing, Barron lived a life full of love, adventure, and beautiful memories.

He was an amazing fiancé, a devoted son, and a loyal friend to many. His fun-loving and adventurous spirit made him an inspiration to those around him, and his hard work ethic was a testament to his dedication to his craft.

Barron’s legacy will live on through his music, his infectious personality, and the memories he created with his loved ones.

His friends and family will always cherish the time they spent with him, and his impact on the Cal U community will never be forgotten.

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