Michael J. Roffler Wife: Is the CEO of First Republic Bank married?


Michael J. Roffler was appointed as First Republic Bank’s deputy chief financial officer in October 2009.

He was then promoted to Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 2015. Later, he became the CEO and President of the bank.

First Republic Bank is a prominent player in the banking sector. It focuses on subsectors such as wealth management, commercial banking, private banking, and trust services. The bank was founded on October 15, 2009.


Mike Roffler is responsible for leading the operations of First Republic Bank and setting its strategic direction. He is the CEO and President of the bank and also serves on its board of directors.

This implies that he has a significant influence on the bank’s policies and decisions.

Michael Roffler Wife

There is no information available regarding Michael J. Roffler’s marital status, so it is not possible to confirm whether he is married or not.

Overall, Mike’s ten years of experience in managerial positions make him a qualified leader for First Republic Bank, which continues to focus on its finances and various subsectors within the banking industry.

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