Who is Casey Allen? 32-Year-Old mother of four, Casey Allen Stabbed to death by husband


A Georgia mother of four was allegedly stabbed to death by her husband, just a day after celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary.

The suspect, Christopher Snow, was arrested on murder charges after being involved in a car crash on I-85 outside Atlanta.

The victim, Casey Allen, was found dead in her Gainesville apartment on April 15.


Who is Casey Allen? 32-Year-Old mother of four, Casey Allen Stabbed to death by husband

According to Fox News Digital, Allen had just given birth to her first child with Snow, a baby boy, in December.

She also had three older children with her ex-husband. Her sister, Tiffany Agee, expressed her confusion and grief over the loss of her sister, stating, “You loved my sister so much, how could you do this? It’s so confusing, and we’ll never get the full answers from him, and it makes it that much worse.”

Allen loved being a mom and it was everything to her. On the day before her murder, Allen and Snow dropped off the children with family and celebrated their anniversary by going to a comedy club and dinner.

The couple marked the occasion by creating a specialized memento – a stuffed owl with both their voices in it, made at Build-A-Bear.

Allen had posted pictures of the celebration on Facebook, but ominously referred to their first year of marriage as “a year of survival” in a now-deleted post.

The next morning, Snow told his aunt that the couple had a big fight and that he couldn’t find Allen.

Police responded to the apartment and discovered that Allen had been beaten and stabbed to death. Her face and body had multiple stab wounds.

The victim’s sister, who is currently pregnant with her fifth child, expressed her grief over the loss of her sister.

Agee said she is still processing the “nightmare” loss and doesn’t know who to turn to for help. “That was my best friend, and it just hurts.” She also expressed that Allen had a true pure heart of gold and was the most selfless person she had ever met.

A funeral was held for Allen on Saturday, and more than $7,000 in donations was raised to cover the expenses.

Gainesville Police Chief Jay Parrish expressed his condolences, stating, “Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Casey and her children.

Sadly, multiple families have been impacted by this horrific event. As an agency, we will continue to support the families, even long after the investigation is complete.”

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