Who is Kyle Limper? 16-year-old Kyle Limper from Philadelphia passes away after being diagnosed of Cancer


A promising young athlete from Philadelphia, Kyle Limper, tragically passed away due to leukemia within 24 hours of doctors discovering the cancer.

The 16-year-old played football, wrestled, and ran track at Penn Treaty High School before his untimely death on April 13.

Kyle Limper Cause of Death

Kyle Limper died as a result of suffering from cancer of the blood which is leukemia.


According to reports, the teen complained of back pain after a basketball game and was taken to a hospital for a checkup.

However, he was told to see how he felt in a few days. Kyle’s father, Ken Limper, recounted how his son’s condition deteriorated rapidly, stating, “They told me in a couple of days, if he doesn’t get better, to bring him back. Well, in a couple of days, he couldn’t even stand up.”

The family rushed Kyle to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children when his symptoms worsened.

Sadly, it was discovered that Kyle’s organs were shutting down due to leukemia, and he passed away shortly after spending 24 hours in the hospital.

The news of his passing came as a shock to his loved ones, who never suspected any health issues before the back pain.

Kyle’s mother, Jodi Taffe, who recently battled breast cancer, expressed her devastation, saying, “I wouldn’t wish this feeling or the situation on anyone. It’s indescribable. I can’t even put into words how I’m feeling.”

Kyle Limper had a bright future ahead of him, with dreams of studying criminal law and becoming a crime scene investigator.

His family and friends have been left to grieve and remember the young man who was healthy and happy just a day before his sudden diagnosis.

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