Dallas Cowboys: Is RB Ezekiel Elliott Hair Real?


Ezekiel Elliott, is a well-known American football player. He played for the Ohio State Buckeyes before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2016 NFL Draft.

Apart from being an excellent football player, Ezekiel Elliott is known for his charming character and remarkable sense of fashion, particularly his hair.

He is fortunate to have hair length and type that allows him to try different hairstyles. Some of his popular hairstyles include The Braided Knot, The Quarantine Afro, Short Afro, and Afro with Bun on Top.


His barber, Cutzdamato, also serves other football players, Michael Thomas and Chris Olave.

Ezekiel Elliott’s barber coat with his personalized number and Cowboys star is another unique aspect of his fashion sense.

He also has a long beard to go with his longer hair, and he has added nose rings to his style since coming out of Ohio State.

Ezekiel Elliott has an athletic build with 102 kg weight and 6 feet height, making him fit and strong for his gameplay. He was also a track and field athlete and a state-level participant during college.

His records include 10.95, 22.05, 13.77, and 37.52 seconds in the 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 110 m hurdles, and 300 m hurdles, respectively.

During the 2014 season, Ezekiel rushed over 100 yards six times and ran 220 yards on 20 carries for two touchdowns during the 2014 Big Ten Championship Game.

Thanks to his impressive performance, The Dallas Cowboys signed the young footballer for the NFL.

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