Meet Brittany Williams: Josh Allen’s Girlfriend


Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have been a well-known couple in the NFL for more than five years.

Recently, rumors surfaced regarding their relationship after Williams unfollowed Allen on Instagram.

Williams is a Pilates instructor who runs Pilates by Britt, a virtual program offering a range of classes specializing in different types of workouts.


Who is Brittany Williams, Josh Allen’s girlfriend?

Allen and Williams have been friends since they were eight years old. They grew up as family friends in Fresno, Calif., and Williams even invited Allen to a Sadie Hawkins dance in high school.

Despite ghosting Williams after the dance, Allen later apologized and the two started dating in 2017.

In April 2023, rumors about the couple’s relationship status escalated after Williams unfollowed Allen on Instagram, and some photos of them together were removed from her page. However, Allen still follows Williams on the platform.

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