Kyle Limper Dead Sadly, Penn Treaty High School Student


Kyle Limper, a 16-year-old boy known for his kindness and generosity, passed away on April 13, just hours after being diagnosed with leukemia.

Kyle Limper Dead Cause of death

He was a completely healthy and happy young man with no sign of illness until he experienced back pain, which quickly worsened.

He died on the same day from a blood illness caused by leukemia.


Kyle Limper was a kind, loving, and selfless person who was always there for his friends and teammates.

He attended Penn Treaty High School and was part of the football team at Kensington High School.

Despite being only a freshman, he was the team captain and set an excellent example for others.

Kyle had a passion for sports, particularly football, wrestling, and track. He aimed to play football in college and win a wrestling title.

He got straight A’s, was on the honor roll, and never missed a day of school.

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