Cause of Taylor Swift hand injury: Why was Taylor Swift Bleeding?


Taylor Swift injured her hand while performing during her “Eras Tour” in Houston. Despite the injury, the show went on, and Swift continued to perform.

Cause of Taylor Swift hand injury

Swift recently shared more details about what happened on her Twitter account. She said that she tripped on her dress hem while running backstage for a quick change and fell in the dark.

She then cut her hand and braced her fall with her palm. Despite this, she completed the show and continued on with her tour.

Swift is known for her passion and dedication to her fans. In a tweet, she expressed how much she loves the energy and passion that her fans bring to her shows.

She is grateful for their support and loves to see them having fun.

Despite the mishap during her performance, Swift remains positive and assures her fans that she is fine. She loves what she does and is excited to continue on with her tour.

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