Harry Belafonte Children: Meet his 4 lovely Kids


Harry Belafonte, known as the “King of Calypso,” died Tuesday, April 25th 2023 from congestive heart failure.

In this article, we explore the children he left, behind, in all, Harry had four children.

Harry Belafonte Children

His children have pursued different paths in life while maintaining a close relationship with their father.


Adrienne Belafonte

Adrienne, Harry’s eldest daughter with Marguerite Byrd, has spent 25 years leading a private counseling practice for children and families. She graduated from West Virginia State College with a Bachelors and Master’s in Art in Community Counseling.

Adrienne is also the keynote speaker at West Virginia State College’s event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. She is an executive director of the Anir Foundation, which offers socially responsible volunteer opportunities in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Shari Belafonte

Shari, Harry’s youngest daughter with Marguerite, has pursued a career in acting. She made her debut in 1982’s “If You Could See What I Hear” and was cast in ABC’s drama “Hotel” in 1983.

She has also had roles in “General Hospital,” “The Morning Show,” and “Sistas.” Shari has been married to “General Hospital” actor Sam Behrens since 1989, but they have no children.

David Belafonte

David, Harry’s only son and first child with Julie Robinson, worked closely with his father and was previously the vice president of Belafonte Enterprises, an entertainment publishing company founded by his father.

He had small roles on “Timebomb” and “Across the Tracks.” David was behind the scenes on Harry’s 1997 TV special “An Evening with Harry Belafonte & Friends.” He is happily married to model Malena Belafonte and they have one daughter together named Serafina.

Gina Belafonte

Gina, Harry’s youngest child with Julie Robinson, has also pursued acting and found success as Carmela Pagan in “The Commish.” After taking a hiatus from acting, she returned to the big screen in 2016 with a role in “Courting Des Moines” and worked on the critically acclaimed biopic “BlacKkKlansman” directed by Spike Lee.

Gina is involved with Sankofa.org, a social justice organization founded by Harry that aims to educate, motivate, and activate artists and allies in service of grassroots movements and equitable change. Gina is also a mother to one daughter whom she shares with husband Scott McRay.

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