Saint Von Colucci Dead At Age 22 From Plastic Surgery Complications


Canadian actor Saint Von Colucci passed away at a South Korean hospital on Sunday morning due to complications from 12 plastic surgeries he had undergone to resemble KPOP star Jimin for a US streaming network.

According to his publicist, Colucci had undergone 12 cosmetic procedures in the last year, including jaw surgery, implants, a face lift, a nose job, eye lift, eyebrow lift, lip reduction, and other minor surgeries.

What was Saint Von Colucci cause of death?

He developed an infection from implants in his jaw, which led to his death after being intubated.


The young artist was insecure about his looks and wanted a V-shaped jaw, which is a common feature among many Asians.

He believed his square jawline and chin were too wide and underwent risky jaw implant surgery to reshape his natural jaw.

Colucci played one of the main characters, an international student, in the Korean Drama ‘Pretty Lies’ (Cogimar in Korean), which was filmed from June to December. The eight-episode show is set to air on a major US streaming network in October.

Colucci came to South Korea in 2019 to try to get into the music industry. A firm brought him over and paid for his housing, transportation, and living expenses. He was under a seven-year contract with them. Despite his striking features of blonde hair, blue eyes, and a tall frame, Colucci was very unhappy with his appearance and felt discriminated against for his Western looks.

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