Who is Gerri Willis? Family, Height, Fox news


Gerri Willis is a well-known Fox News anchor and correspondent, known for her captivating presence on television and her in-depth analysis of business and financial news. But while she may be a familiar face to many viewers, there is much more to her than just what meets the eye. 

Gerri Willis was born in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, in 1959. She grew up in a family of six children, with her parents and siblings playing an important role in shaping her values and work ethic. Her father was a police officer, while her mother worked as a schoolteacher. Willis has often spoken about how her parents’ dedication to their respective careers inspired her to pursue her own dreams and make a positive impact in the world.

Willis attended Columbia Business School, where she earned an MBA degree with a focus on finance. She then went on to work for several well-known companies, including Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers. In 2003, she became the senior financial correspondent for SmartMoney magazine, a role that allowed her to hone her skills as a journalist and analyst.


In 2010, Willis joined Fox Business Network as a personal finance reporter and anchor. She quickly became a popular face on the network, known for her insightful commentary and ability to explain complex financial concepts in a way that was easy for viewers to understand. In 2015, she also began contributing to Fox News, where she has covered a wide range of topics, from the stock market to political developments.

Gerri Willis’ Family

Outside of her career, Willis is a devoted wife and mother. She has been married to her husband, David Evans, since 1994, and the couple has two children together. Willis has spoken openly about the challenges of balancing her work with her family life, but she credits her supportive husband and strong family values for helping her maintain a sense of perspective and balance.

Gerri Willis’ Height

While many viewers may wonder about Gerri Willis’ height, there is no definitive answer to this question. However, based on photos and videos of Willis, it is estimated that she is around 5’6″ tall.

Fox News Career

Since joining Fox News, Gerri Willis has become a fixture on the network, providing expert commentary and analysis on a wide range of topics. She has covered breaking news stories, interviewed high-profile guests, and offered insights on everything from the economy to politics.

Willis is perhaps best known for her work as a financial and business journalist, and she has received numerous accolades for her reporting in this area. She has been praised for her ability to translate complex financial information into clear, concise language, and for her insightful analysis of market trends and developments.

Gerri Willis’ Siblings

Gerri Willis is one of six children, although little is known about her siblings or their lives. Willis has spoken publicly about her family and the important role they played in shaping her values and work ethic, but she has generally kept her personal life private.

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