Alexander Effani Dead In Latest Housting Shooting


Alexander Effani, the owner of Pimperelli clothing, was shot dead in southwest Houston.

Alexander Effani Cause of death

The incident took place in front of Alexander’s former clothing business. The memorial outside his shop continues to grow as family members mourn his death.

On Thursday night, a man driving a black SUV fired three shots at a white Escalade before fleeing the scene.


A registered nurse who was in the area at the time of the shooting tried to help the victim but it was already too late.

Another person tried to break the window and unlock the door of the vehicle but the victim was already motionless.

The police believe that the shooting was carried out intentionally.

Pimperelli was a popular fashion business that gained popularity due to its characteristic bandana puffer jacket.

Prominent rappers Young Thug and 21 Savage promoted the brand during the height of its success.

Alexander had recently celebrated the two-year anniversary of his first traditional storefront.

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